New transmission for VW Amarok

Since the beginning of next year, truck Volkswagen Amarok will be available in Europe with a new transmission. This is a machine with eight degrees, which will be installed only version transmission 4×4 diesel bi-turbo with 180 hp power and maximum torque of 420 Nm.
In combination with the package BlueMotion, including tires with low resistance system “start-stop” energy recovery and use of brakes, this version will have an average fuel consumption of 7.6 liters per 100 km.
Of CO2 emissions are 199 g/km. This version of Amarok accelerates from standstill to 100 km/h in 8.5 seconds and top speed is 179 km/h. The new trasmission will give really more dynamics and higher acceleration for the truck. Definitely this is making the car more attractive and more aggressive.

new transmission for vw amok
new transmission for vw amok

Be First Off The Grid With F1 Show

The Formula One World Series is about as exciting as motorsport gets, and the rise in popularity from across the world over recent years has been immense. However, getting involved with the sport is an expensive business, through start up costs, running a team, or simply being associated with a team or driver. An affordable way for many to get involved lies with F1 show cars.

cadillac classic cars – the very best cars – especially in red
cadillac classic cars – the very best cars – especially in red

There are three types of F1 show cars, each quite different and serving different purposes. The first, the replica model, just demonstrates the evocative shape and styling, where as the second, a replica that is complete with engine offers the chance to drive. These are at each end of the spectrum, and it is the third, a replica with a simulator that many are turning to.

The first type though is great to hire just as a talking point at an event, and allow people to have their photo with. It is sure to impress, yet is not ridiculously expensive so could even be used as a novel display at a birthday party or some such.

corvette classic car – painted in red of course – the best car colour
corvette classic car – painted in red of course – the best car colour

The second is by far the most expensive and can be used on track days in many locations. However, they are not real cars so the power and stresses involved can be managed by most. The price of these makes them less affordable for most companies and individuals of course, but there are companies that organize track days to give your guests a thrilling experience.

In the third type, the replica with a simulator, you can get a similar experience at a fraction of the cost. Obviously, there will not be the full experience, but that they can be used in situ and offer all the major circuits, they make for great fun and a certain amount of showmanship to the event.

Across the world, Formula One exudes glamour and decadence, and with F1 show cars of any type in situ, this will inevitably be demonstrated. For something completely different, and to stand from the crowd, they are well worth a look.

ford mustang classic – another great car in red again
ford mustang classic – another great car in red again

The Formula One World Series is about as exciting as motorsport gets, and the increase in popularity from over the world over recent years has been incredible. An affordable means to get involved in the sport lies with F1 show car hire. More info on this and F1 Pit Stop Challenge

Important Advice About Automotive and Vehicle Repairs

When you are taking a car in to a vehicle rebuild shop it is important to make sure that the person who checks your car in, clearly understands your concerns and complaints, and what you want to correct with the vehicle. Often times a repair shop will recommend the incorrect repair method to a customer because they are looking at the wrong part

Vehicle Repairs in gloucester
Vehicle Repairs in gloucester

of the car. If you tell the repair shop that you hear a bang, make sure that you explain when the noise occurs and not just what it sounds like.

auto mechanical problem It is important to specify if it happen only at the cars start up, or only during acceleration because this can prompt the mechanic to check different systems within the vehicle and will help them identify the exact cause of your concern. Misdiagnosis of an is often the cause of poor communication between the customer and the front desk personnel. After the car repair shop has completed the primary diagnostic’s on your vehicle they should give you a report which specifies which parts that they think need to be replaced. Now comes the second most important part of the repair.

clutch repairs in gloucester
clutch repairs in gloucester

If you really want to save yourself time and money, you need to request that the service adviser or automobile repairman, who is working on your car, takes the time to physically show you the parts that they think need to be changed. The service adviser or car technician should be able to give you a full and complete explanation of why the parts that they recommend to be replaced will recondition your car.

Many customers just say yes to any auto repairman recommended recondition and this is a mistake for couple of reasons. First, it is your responsibility as a customer to make sure that your original concerns were correctly relayed to the car technician who is working on your car. During this examination explanation, you will be able to make sure that your concerns were relayed to the mechanic who is doing the work, and that they have found the exact cause of your problem.

gearbox replacements by mobile mechanics in gloucestershire
gearbox replacements by mobile mechanics in gloucestershire

The second reason it is important to go into the repair shop to get the examination report is because this is also where you will find out if the automobile technician who is doing the work is competent enough to perform the repairs on your car. Some would say that this is where you will catch a corrupt mechanic, but in my experience, most automobile mechanics are honest. The real problem is that all mechanics are not properly trained.

The reason that the vehicle repair industry gets such a bad rap is because an improperly trained car mechanic can

mechanics working on brake pads near gloucester
mechanics working on brake pads near gloucester

often be confused with a deceitful mechanic because the net result is that you get something that you did not want and did not need. By showing the repair shop service advisor and the automobilemechanic who is doing the work that you have a real and genuine interest in your vehicle, it will help them because they will know that their work may be checked. Giving them the understanding and impression that you expect a thorough repair will increase their level of accountability and help you get the correct rebuild for your vehicle.

8 Step Guide to Jump Starting Your Car

A flat battery needn’t ruin your journey – follow this guide to get back on the road. We’ve all been there: racing out the front door, already late for  work. One turn of the car key confirms  our worst fears – a flat battery. This  would usually be a moment for gnashing teeth and a crowded bus ride, but with this 8 step guide to jump starting your car, you’ll be motoring again in no time.

Step 1: Is it definitely the battery?

There’s a simple way to tell if it’s your battery that’s gone kaput – you won’t be able to start your car.

A turn of the key will produce nothing bar a few clicks or a slow churning sound as it tries to turn the engine over. These are classic signs of a flat battery.

Step 2: Read your handbook

What you are reading now is a general guide to jump starting. For information that’s specific to your car, take a look at its handbook just in case there are any little quirks that you need to be aware of.

Step 3: Get a set of jump leads

A flat battery doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new one – but you will need a pair of jump leads, plus another car with a healthy battery.

Step 4: Locate your car’s battery

Most car batteries can be found under the bonnet, though some flashy little numbers house the battery in the boot. Batteries are often found to the front of the engine in an easily accessible spot.

Step 5: Connect the jump leads

Park the other car as near to yours as possible (without touching), close enough so that the jump leads can connect to both cars’ batteries.

Important: Turn off both cars completely before connecting any leads.

The positive terminal: Connect the positive terminal on the working car to the positive terminal on the flat car with the red jump lead. The positive terminal should be clearly marked with a + sign on the battery.

The negative terminal: Connect the negative terminal on the working car to an earthing point on the flat car with the other (black) lead – be sure not to let the leads touch! The negative terminal should be clearly marked with a – sign on the battery.

The earthing point can be a part of the bodywork or the engine block – it just needs to be metal and away from electronic or fuel components. Some modern cars have earthing points near the battery for this purpose.

Step 6: Fire it up

Make one final check to see that neither the cars nor the leads are touching each other, and then start up the healthy car.

Let it idle for 30 seconds, then hold it at around 2,000rpm for another 30 seconds before trying to start the flat battery car. By now, there should be enough juice to fire it up. If not, turn off the flat car and wait another minute.

Step 7: Up and running

Once your car is running again, switch off the healthy car before disconnecting the leads – do this in reverse order – negative terminal first.

The battery now has some juice in it. To ensure it keeps going, take your car for a 30-minute drive so the alternator can charge it up.

Step 8: Final check

When you next start your car, it should fire first time without hesitation. If it doesn’t, the battery may be past its best – or you could have another problem.

If that doesn’t work, you may need to call your breakdown service or seek help from a local garage.

cars sold for scrap when you cant start them
cars sold for scrap when you cant start them